Hey mom, I drew a thing!

Hello stranger! I'm Amaitte and i love to draw stuff!
It's my secondary blog only for sketches, my main personal blog is here
I'm always glad to see people here, so feel free to talk! (i need to practice my english and french haha :D)



i’m bored and also i’m ready for requests!

Let’s do it again!

UnLunDun is gorgeous and i fell in love with Deeba

UnLunDun is gorgeous and i fell in love with Deeba

freckledcatfish said: Hi! I'm Caitlin. I stumbled across your blog and I absolutely LOVE your art! Do you think you'd be willing to do an art request sometime or would that be too much? Either way, I love your work so much! (Also very excited for GF S2 as well!)

Oh, hello Caitlin! thank you so much for all these very very kind words, it really means a lot for me! they made my morning and i even tape with mistakes because of happiness :D

I always open for requests! (and i can’t refuse after this message =) )

more chikorita in my life

more chikorita in my life

Who’s excited for Gravity Falls Season 2? We are!

Who’s excited for Gravity Falls Season 2? We are!

look at these cuties
Pikachu is my all-time favorite from childhood
and i fell in love with Chikorita after pocket monster manga special

oh, lovely anon, i was lazy to do ALL day, i show you the most significant moments of my everyday life in two parts
and here we can find out what a boring lazy shit i am :D





Send me a number and I’ll draw;

  1. A portrait of myself
  2. Myself in an alternate universe
  3. Myself as a child
  4. Myself in 10 years
  5. A comic of my day so far
  6. A portrait of you
  7. A picture of both of us
  8. My favourite character
  9. My least favourite character
  10. My favourite animal
  11. My favourite pokemon
  12. Flowers!
  13. My dream home
  14. My dream cake
  15. My dream car
  16. My dream partner
  17. My favourite meal
  18. What I usually wear
  19. What I would love to wear
  20. What I have in my bag

Cuz I feel like drawin

i MIGHT do some of these if people ask, depends how i feel today

reblogging this again because it reblogged at a link. e__e